Stealing Solar Panels?

Here in Texas, we have no shortage of sun - so solar panels are something that are very desirable here. So desirable in fact, that people are willing to steal them! Below are some examples of "solar theft". Be sure to secure your solar panels! The New York Times...

Bat Removal

When doing a home inspection, it is relatively common to find bats. But what should you do afterward? The following advice may help; Before anything else, the entry point of the bats needs to be found. As we discovered a little earlier, some bats will fit into tiny...

Hiring a Contractor After a Home Inspection

Hiring a Contractor After a Home Inspection

Well, you made it through the home inspection. But now you may have an issue or two that need to be repaired after your inspection. Hiring a contractor, getting them to show up, and getting the project finished can be a daunting task in itself. So how can you hire the...

Hotel and Motel Inspections

Hotel and Motel Inspections

Do you need an inspection of a hotel or motel? Then you have come to the right place. Among the many commercial and home inspection services that we provide, we offer some of the best hotel and motel inspections in all of...

100 Amp Electrical Service

100 Amp Electrical Service

Many times on a home inspection I will find a 100 amp electrical service. Many of my clients ask if this will be enough of a service for their home. Well, the answer is relatively simple. The average American household will usually not exceed 60-80 amps during peak...

Heating Units and Controls

Heating Units and Controls

There are four common types of heating units: A furnace provides heat through a forced-air distribution system. A boiler provides heat through a hydronic distribution system. (Hydronic systems are also referred to as hot water systems.) A space heater supplies heat...

How does backdrafting happen?

How does backdrafting happen?

Fuel-fired water heaters, boilers, wall heaters, and furnaces are designed to exhaust the byproducts of combustion to the outdoors through a flue. These hot gases rise through the flue and exit the home because they are not as dense as indoor air. The pressure...

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Hello, Soggy Guiding Light Clients! YES, we are scheduling, and YES, we have an FAA licensed drone pilot & licensed level II residential thermographer ready to help.


Mike Hammel & Don Bennett


Detailed inspection with a TREC report.

Lots of talking, looking, and a detailed report with pictures.

25% off standard inspection prices, for those displaced by the storm.

Please Call our office 832.257.3294

 Tour after a devastating event

Look at your homestead with someone who cares and knows what they’re doing.

Walk through with a licensed & qualified inspector

$150 per hour, 2-hour minimum, with guided explanation

Thermal (Infrared) Images

No water intrusion here, Partner!

In-house Certified Residential Thermographer, if needed

$250, with pictures & explanation

 Drone Roof Inspections

Damage to the roof? Let’s look at the shingles.

$150 with pictures & explanation 

We will all be OK. We are strong. But we are stronger together. If we can help you get some peace of mind about your property - whether it's structural or the mechanical systems - let us know.

We continue to care and pray for everyone involved in Harvey,

- The Guiding Light Home Inspection of Texas Family

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