Lead and your health

Through the years we have heard how lead found in a home can pose a health risk, especially to babies and children. What do we really know about lead and how dangerous is it? If you have a older home that is around 40 yrs old or more, it is...

Is my Bathroom properly ventilated?

Bathrooms are a very important room in the house, most of us like to spend a good amount of time there, so its wise to have a check of the ventilation system to make sure that its functioning properly, thus improving your bathroom experience. If your not sure if your...

Simple ways to use less energy in the home

A lot of people don't realize how easy it can be to use less energy in the home. What about us here in Texas?  With just a few simple adjustments we can save a lot of money. Here are a few simple ways this can be done: Instead of using an air conditioner, which uses a...


Thinking of buying a home with a USDA Loan? Maybe thinking about using FHA? There are some differences between the two when it comes to home inspections. But when it comes down to it, there are some other factors you may need to consider as well. Housing Eligibility -...

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I'm a Texan, I can do it myself!

OK, maybe I do need a little help...

Hello, Soggy Guiding Light Clients! YES, we are scheduling, and YES, we have an FAA licensed drone pilot & licensed level II residential thermographer ready to help.


Mike Hammel & Don Bennett


Detailed inspection with a TREC report.

Lots of talking, looking, and a detailed report with pictures.

25% off standard inspection prices, for those displaced by the storm.

Please Call our office 832.257.3294

 Tour after a devastating event

Look at your homestead with someone who cares and knows what they’re doing.

Walk through with a licensed & qualified inspector

$150 per hour, 2-hour minimum, with guided explanation

Thermal (Infrared) Images

No water intrusion here, Partner!

In-house Certified Residential Thermographer, if needed

$250, with pictures & explanation

 Drone Roof Inspections

Damage to the roof? Let’s look at the shingles.

$150 with pictures & explanation 

We will all be OK. We are strong. But we are stronger together. If we can help you get some peace of mind about your property - whether it's structural or the mechanical systems - let us know.

We continue to care and pray for everyone involved in Harvey,

- The Guiding Light Home Inspection of Texas Family

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